Animal Rehabilitation Hampton Bays

 Just like humans, animals often benefit from rehabilitative services when they are recovering from injuries or surgery. It’s often the case that a procedure is only as effective as the work put in after an animal has healed and recovering. Physical rehabilitation goes beyond post-operative recovery, though. These sessions are also beneficial for pets who are overweight or suffering from pain or limited mobility as the result of aging or a degenerative disease. At Healing Hands 4 Paws, we provide expert animal rehabilitation near Hampton Bays to help your cat or dog live a comfortable, pain-free life.

If you have ever experienced a serious injury or underwent surgery, you already know all about how long and difficult the recovery process can be. You also probably know that physical therapy, while challenging, makes getting back to your old self again possible. Animal rehabilitation is based on the same treatments that physical therapists use to help humans. They have just been customized to work for animals. That includes everything from splinting and assistive therapy to neuromuscular electric stimulation and ultrasound therapy.

Animal Rehabilitation Near Hampton Bays

Rehabilitation is intended to improve an animal’s quality of life by easing pain and improving range of motion. It may also help prevent future injuries and speed up the healing process. At Healing Hands 4 Paws, we offer animal rehabilitation for Hampton Bay area pets to help them live their best lives.

Every animal that walks into our clinic undergoes a complete nose-to-tail evaluation. During this exam, we pay close attention to range of motion and watch out for any indications that your pet is in pain. Based on our findings, we put together a comprehensive treatment plan that’s custom-tailored to address your pet’s specific issues. For some pets, that’s laser therapy, while others may benefit most from hydrotherapy. We typically recommend bringing your pet in for recurring sessions and prescribe at-home exercises that you can do with your pet to ensure progress in between appointments. Our team also offers additional treatments as services as needed to ensure your pet’s comfort.

To learn more about animal rehabilitation on Long Island or to schedule an evaluation, contact Healing Hands 4 Paws today. We are passionate about helping animals, and we would be more than happy to help your pet live a happier, more comfortable life.

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