Finding Pet Acupuncture in Shirley

When it comes to a beloved pet’s health and wellbeing, many owners refuse to leave any stone unturned. For some animals, that may mean a midnight trip to the animal hospital when your cat has a fever or the veterinary clinic when your dog got into the plate of brownies in the middle of a party. For more chronic conditions, there is a wide range of treatments to help your furry companion feel their best. If your pet suffers from ailments such as osteoarthritis or ongoing pain from an accident or a surgery, you might be looking for additional options, such as pet acupuncture in Shirley.

Combating Inflammation with Acupuncture

We’re about to get a little science-heavy here, so buckle up. Veterinarians can spend months if not longer in school learning the exact science behind inflammation in animals. Why the intense focus on this one topic? Inflammation is generally the body’s response to tissue damage. We get it, you get it, your dog Princess gets it. In fact, in the beginning inflammation may be a sign that your body is taking care of whatever injury occurred just fine on its own. As with most things, though, too much of a good thing rarely works out well. When your pet’s body overdoes it on the immune system’s response, you get chronic discomfort, swelling and even additional tissue death. That’s where these alternative therapies can come in. Getting your pet in for an acupuncture session here in Shirley can help alleviate problematic inflammation.

Drug-Free Pain Relief

There are a number of reasons that pet owners may want to avoid pharmaceutical options for pain or inflammation relief. Drugs often come with side effects — and while many pets tolerate them well, others can have a bad reaction. Acupuncture is one of the drug-free options you can explore with a veterinarian to help your pet live a pain-free life. When done right, the process itself is rarely painful for the patient due to the small size of the needles and placements.

If you’re interested in learning more about pet acupuncture here in Shirley, feel free to give us a call or schedule an appointment here at Healing Hands 4 Paws.

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