Fitness & Conditioning

Do you need help managing your pet’s arthritis, pain, obesity, injury, or postoperative lameness? These are all common conditions for pets both young and old. Fitness and conditioning therapy can help them regain mobility and flexibility, lose weight, and work through their physical limitations.
Does your pet need help building muscle mass or core strength? Muscles play a role in everything from helping your pet to get up on their own to balance and stability. Fitness and conditioning therapy can help your pet be more independent again.

Are you looking to keep your competition dog conditioned and in shape? From agility shows to disc dog competitions, there are quite a few fun sports that our pets can participate in with us. Just like with human athletes, our pets need a little extra activity to keep themselves in tip-top shape and with full range of motion. Fitness and conditioning sessions can come in handy for these special animals.

Do you need help keeping your dog active during the winter months or year-round? We know how difficult it can be to get your dog out and about as much as they (or you) would like. Let us do the work for you and help your pet stay fit and healthy.
How about a treating your dog to a swimming session for exercise? This is one of our favorite ways to help condition dogs who need a little extra help. The water holds them up while we get them moving again.

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Fitness & Conditioning therapy is great for:

Healing of trauma
Healing after surgery
Healing after an Injury
Building muscle mass and core stability
Healing spinal cord injuries
Young animals to help develop body awareness
Older animals to maintain muscle conditioning and promote enhanced circulation

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