Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy includes any form of therapy that can be applied by the use of the therapist’s hands. It is a physical treatment primarily used by massage therapists to treat musculoskeletal pain and disability. Manual therapy typically incorporates kneading sore spots, manipulation of limbs, traction, joint mobilization and manipulation, soft tissue massage, and stretching.
Does your pet have gait or stance abnormalities? If they have pain or problems standing and walking, lameness or changes in their quality of movement, they may benefit from manual therapies. This would allow us to bring your pet’s stance back into alignment and work to correct the issues that may have caused.

Has your animal experienced tendonitis, tendon calcification or contractures that make movement painful? How about muscle spasms, strains, or general weakness? Our goal is to help repair those problems non-invasively so that you can avoid corrective surgeries.

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Manual Therapy Can Help

Is your pet experiencing physical performance problems, such as underdeveloped muscles? This may be due to a specific diagnosis, age or a general lack of previous activity. Whatever the cause, manual therapy can help bring your pet up to their peak health.

Do they have acute or chronic spine problems? Spinal dysfunctions and misalignments can cause lifelong pain. There are many techniques we can use to try to permanently fix these issues.Perhaps they’re undergone an orthopedic surgery recently and require a little extra help with recovery. If they’ve experienced neurological trauma or surgery, they may also benefit from manual therapy to help the brain relearn certain movements.

Are their joints creaking with age or injury these days? Capsulitis, arthritis, ligament sprains and general stiffness are all potentially treatable with manual therapy.

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