Pet Acupuncture Hampton Bays

Companion animals are susceptible to pain caused by an accidental injury, surgery, disease, or aging. If you have a pet that has suffered from a long-term condition or an acute issue, their quality of life can be improved with expert and compassionate physical rehabilitation. At Healing Hands 4 Paws, we proudly offer a wide range of pain management and rehabilitation services to reduce discomfort and improve your pet’s ability to move around the house and outdoors like they once did. One of our more popular and effective services is acupuncture. If you are interested in learning more about pet acupuncture near Hampton Bays, keep reading!

What Is Pet Acupuncture?

You have probably heard of acupuncture and may have some idea of what a session is like, but you might not be aware of exactly how it works and how it can be used to help pets. While relatively new in veterinary medicine, it has been practiced for thousands of years. More recently, researchers have found that the process of placing acupuncture needles stimulates the body’s natural healing responses and triggers the release of pain-relieving hormones for a medication-free alleviation of pain.

During an acupuncture session, thin needles are inserted into specific points on the body and left in place for a predetermined amount of time. The needles are much thinner than the average sewing needle. They are so thin, in fact, that most pets don’t even feel them being inserted. No medication is used during treatment, and the risk of side effects or complications is extremely low.

Where to Go for Pet Acupuncture Near Hampton Bays

Located in Shirley, New York, Healing Hands 4 Paws is the perfect place to go for pet acupuncture near Hampton Bays. We are thrilled to provide a full range of thereapeutic services to our patients, and we would love to meet with you to determine whether it’s right for your canine or feline companion. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or request additional information.

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