Physical Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation for pets adapts human physical therapy techniques to increase the function and mobility of joints and muscles. This type of therapy can reduce pain and enhance recovery from injury, surgery, degenerative conditions, age-related diseases, and obesity.
The goal of physical therapy and rehabilitation is to improve the overall quality of life and decrease pain. It can aid in the prevention of injury and recovery from trauma, expanding the capabilities and quality of life of our furry companions. Working animals, such as Police and Search & Rescue Dogs can often benefit from these sessions.

Rehabilitation starts with a thorough evaluation of your pet from head to toe to tail. Our hope is to provide a diagnosis for your pet’s physical condition or lameness. We’ll then form a plan together to treat your pet’s condition, which will include information on what you can be doing at home.

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Our Goal

One of our big goals is to help you avoid surgery for your pet. If surgery is necessary, we can provide you with advanced post-operative care, guidance, advice, support, prognosis, and realistic expectations.

We also provide management of your pet’s existing condition (such as arthritis) and pain control as an alternative or in addition to pharmaceutical therapies. Other animals simply need help with weight loss management to aid their recoveries.

In all cases, we will coordinate and communicate with your current veterinarian to get a complete health assessment for your pet and determine the best therapeutic program.

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