Finding a Physical Therapy Veterinarian in Shirley

If you’ve ever suffered from a serious injury, you know how frustrating the recovery can be. You spend much of your time wishing that you could just get back to your normal routine without making things worse. Getting out of bed in the morning may be frustrating, and you really hate the commute to your doctor’s office. While you’re going through the PT exercises, the repetitions, the workouts that could have been warm-ups for you pre-injury, you just can’t help getting antsy. At the end of the day, though, these are the things that make you stronger — and you’re so lucky to have access to it. Many times, our pets aren’t so lucky. When an owner struggles with finding an affordable and accessible physical therapy veterinarian in Shirley, their pet may end up living with a lifelong disability due to injury or disease. From a car accident to genetic osteoporosis, there are many conditions in animals that could benefit from PT treatments.

Older dog laying down The quality of life of your pet could improve significantly with physical therapy

But what makes for a good animal physical therapist? After all, our pets can’t tell us exactly where and when and how much a movement hurts. They can’t explain that it’s painful to flex their foot, but only when it rains. Or that they’re a half a mile an hour slower on their walks than they used to be because of a twinge in their hip. A physical therapy veterinarian can help Shirley area pet owners figure out the exact cause of these problems. They’ll go through a series of evaluations with every animal they see, using their expert knowledge of how your furry friend is put together to figure out what could use a little bit (or quite a lot) of tweaking.

Beyond the diagnostic phase, your vet can offer a variety of physical therapy options and explain the benefits of each. Just like how you’ve not going to get the exact same PT exercises after a knee replacement as for tennis elbow, your Beagle isn’t going to necessarily be getting manual therapy on their paws if they have a problem with their back. An individualized care plan that isn’t one size fits all is your pet’s best bet against a lifelong of painful movement.

If you have any questions about finding a physical therapy veterinarian in Shirley, please feel free to reach out to us at Healing Hands 4 Paws.

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