I bring my dog Balto to Healing Hands 4 Paws. Dr. Archer, Cath and staff are professional and very passionate about helping all the animals in their care. Healing Hands 4 Paws has given Balto a better quality of life and he has been thriving within the first few weeks of laser therapy, hydro therapy, treadmill and physical therapy. Balto even gets so excited when we enter the parking lot because he knows Cath and Dr. Archer are going to take away his pain. I highly recommend Healing Hands 4 Paws. There is no place that compares or that I feel safe with treating my dog.

Luann J.

We brought our 9 year old lab Elvis directly to Healing Hands 4 Paws after having bilateral TPLO surgery to be admitted for 2 weeks of post op and rehab. From the moment we were greeted by Dr. Archer and his staff we knew he was in excellent hands. We decided to continue outpatient rehab for Elvis to give him the best chance of a great recovery. He received exceptional care and a beautiful outcome with the help of Dr. Archer and Kat his wonderful rehab assistant.

Liz V.

Cannot say enough good things about the staff, especially Cat and Dr. Archer. They were so helpful, empathetic and understanding of me and my pup; I have a 7 year old Dalmatian who was recently diagnosed with Wobblers syndrome. Initially, the surgeon wanted to do surgery, without really telling me what she wanted to operate on expect that he had spinal compression. My primary vet told me about healing hands because I was apprehensive about and I’m so happy I took this route. Cole, my baby, is doing 100% better; I see both a physical improvement and one in his overall mood and wellbeing. I have to especially thank Cat, who primarily works with my dog because while he is the sweetest dog, he’s also the most anxious and really only listens and works with his momma. Now, he only works with her lol. Between PT and the acupuncture, I think Cole is doing better now than he would have had I chosen to put him through surgery and I’m so glad my boy is better 🙂

Alison C.